Monday, May 7, 2012

Tool #3

I use TED and TedEd, as well as YouTube, for videos most of the time.  TedEd is fairly new, but a great resource.

Video Resources specific to English aren't that easy to find.  There are numerous websites specific to the other core areas.  One English website I found is
It has a quick video tutorial on literary terms and writing lessons. It cannot be embedded here because the only option offered for embedding videos from You Tube.

Another interesting resource for free documentaries is
It has documentaries that are short as well as full-length.  

When embedding the video from You Tube the image appears to be blocked.  But once I went to the blog to view the post it worked.

Below is an Economics rap that covers the ideas of economic theorists Hayek and Keynes.

Dropbox is another easy way to share files.  I have used Dropbox all year with staff development resources as well as any resources that need to be shared.  Dropbox is another tool that can be used on any tech.  It has an excellent iphone and ipad app as well.  To be able to move files between a PC and a Mac, Pages does need to be downloaded.  When editing on the Mac, it will give you the option to save a document as a Word file in order to facilitate a smooth transition between devices. 

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