Monday, May 7, 2012

Tool #7

The purpose of this step is to allow students to connect and collaborate with others.  In an English classroom this can easily be managed with online writing communities.  There are quite a few where anyone can post writing and get feedback, encouragement, etc.

One of my favorite website is
This community is very positive and tends to give mainly praise for good effort and light criticism.  This is a great start for a student trying their hand at creative writing.  Since the new ELA TEKs have creative poetry, short fiction, and expository (which is like an editorial) as well as TEKs that call for clear and appropriate communication between students, these websites will be helpful when aligning to the state standards.

Another great site is
It is blocked by the district however, so it will only be useful to a student that will access it at home.  Keep note of it though and maybe someday they will unblock it!

Some other websites where students can communicate with other writers and get feedback are:


  1. Have you asked them to unblock the fanfiction site? I have gotten sites unblocked before becasue I put in the request thingy.

  2. We've asked a few times since Alan November touted it this year, but it has all types of fiction on it - such as Horror, Erotica and Gay/Lesbian fiction. They won't be unblocking it anytime soon.