Monday, May 7, 2012

Tool #8

I admit I didn't learn anything new after watching the device videos.  I'm a bit ahead of the curve however and have had experiences with the Mac devices as well as the Netbooks.

It is important to understand that each device has positives and negatives.  Both of them allow you to research, which is how many English teachers use technology.  They both allow you to manage Word Processing, but the Macs will need to have Pages or the full suite (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) in order to move things back and forth.  For someone who is new to this, managing word processing on a Mac so that it will transfer to a PC will be a bit difficult to manage.  As for apps, there are many that can be used in all sorts of ways, but teachers will need to explore and, perhaps, work together on finding ways to use them appropriately. 

Managing the different devices as well as not having enough for each students to have one in their hands isn't that difficult to do.  If the students are in small groups with very clear expectations and a set time limit to complete certain steps or activities, they can manage assignments this way.  There can also be 2 distinct activities they do on the different devices - for example, they research a concept, then create a tutorial with the Show Me app on the ipads, then create a Google Doc with the steps transcribed.  The order won't matter and the kids can use both devices.  For the Google Doc and on the Show Me app it can easily be made clear who is typing by assigning each student a color and then it is obvious when a different person speaks on the ShowMe app.  So, all the students can be held accountable.

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